Paid Bulk Records Request

Use this form to make a Bulk Records Request to Cache County. Bulk Records Requests will be considered based on their merit and purpose and will include a fee. Data provided will be limited by the terms of the request, and in the case of the current year, data may be restricted by what data is publicly available when the request is met.

Data Estimated Yearly Availability Date
Recorded Document InformationOngoing
Assessed Property ValuesMay 21
Treasurer Delinquency InformationJanuary 31

You will be required to confirm your identity in order to receive data.

If no available query approximates the data you want, fill in the Description field with a detailed explanation of the data.

Also, if an available query is close but isn't exactly what you want, use this box to describe any additional changes you would like us to make to the result set.

NOTE: Entering any data in the following field will trigger manual intervention on our end and data will not be available instantaneously.