An abatement is a reduction of taxes allowed by state and local laws.


Acres is the total number of acres located within this parcel.


An adjustment is a special adjustment to the tax amount due to rollback or other specific circumstances.


Additional rollback taxes that have been attached to this parcel.

Backtax Amount Due

The remaining amount due for a tax year that has fallen into backtax status.

Backtax Interest

Interest accrued on the backtax due for a parcel.

Backtax Penalty

An additional amount attached to backtaxes for a parcel as result of late payment or filing.

Backtax Principal

The initial tax amount that was not paid on time and has fallen into backtax status.

Building Type

Defines what type of structures are located on the property.

Current Amount Due

The remaining amount due for a tax year that has not fallen into backtax status.

Delinquent Amount

The amount of taxes due from prior years.

Last Payment Date

The date of the last payment made toward these taxes.

Legal Description

The legal description is the official description of the boundaries of this parcel, lot, or unit number.

Market Value

Market value is the price for which a property would sell.


A segment of property defined by a legal description.

Parcel History

Shows information regarding the lineage of this parcel.


The amount of payments made against the amount due.


An additional amount attached to a parcel as a result of late payment or filing.


Payments made toward expected tax amounts in advance of when the payments are due.


The initial tax amount.

Refund Payments

Any payments that were made in error that have been refunded.

Remaining Balance

The amount due.

Special Assessment

An assessment created by a special district.

Square Feet

Square feet is a measurement of the above ground square footage of a single family residential property.

Tax Amount

The amount of taxes due as assessed by the county.

Tax District

A tax area created by the overlapping boundaries of taxing entities.

Tax Percentage

Tax percentage is determined by whether or not the owners of a parcel reside in the parcel. Residing in the parcel grants the owner a 45% discount on taxable value which is used to determine tax amounts.

Tax Rate

The rate multiplied by the taxable value of a property to determine the tax due.

Tax Status

Tax status is determined by ownership and use of property.

Taxable Value

The percent of the market value that is subject to taxation.

Total Payments

The total of all the payments made for a given tax year.

Unattached Rollback Due

A value in this field indicates that there is an upcoming rollback amount due on this parcel soon.

Vesting Document ID

The vesting document id is the entry number of the document of record that establishes the owner of a given parcel.